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Samantha Ainsworth


Height: 5'9"

Hair: Dark Brown/Auburn

Eyes: Green


Training:  BFA Theatre - Point Park; Scene Study with Charles Waxberg

DSC_0315 Edited.jpg
Training & Workshops

Connie ~~ The Redeemer~~ Ensemble Stage/Gary Smith

Maria ~~ The Heiress ~~ PICT Classic Theatre/Alan Stanford

Savannah Wainscott ~ Abigail ~ San Antonio Public (virtual) /R. Dart 

Helen Dukas ~Bibo and Bertie ~ San Antonio Pub.(virtual)/D. Provencher

Lucy Stark ~~ All The King's Men ~~ Gamut Theatre Group/Clark Nicholson

Sagot ~~ Picasso at the Lapin Agile ~~ Throughline Theatre Company/Daniel Freeman

Parsons ~~ 1984 ~~ Prime Stage/Richard Keitel

To Kill A Mockingbird ~~ Jean Louise~~Prime Stage/Scott Calhoun

Titus Andronicus ~~ Tamora ~~ Cup-a-Jo Prod./Joanna Lowe 

The Tin Woman ~~ Joy ~~ South Park Theatre/Allison Weakland

Enchanted April ~~ Lotty ~~ Little Lake Theater/Jena Oberg

Broadway Bound  ~~  Kate Jerome  ~~  Interplayers Theatre/Michael Weaver

The Glass Menagerie  ~~  Amanda Wingfield  ~~  4th Wall/Bob Yount

A Delicate Balance  ~~  Julia  ~~  Theatre 9/12/Charles Waxberg

Agamemnon  ~~  Clytemnestra  ~~  US Presents/Kathryn Philbrook

Brighton Beach Memoirs  ~~  Kate Jerome  ~~  Interplayers Theatre/Michael Weaver

King Lear  ~~  Goneril  ~~  Key City Public/Kerry Skalsky

Seminar  ~~  Kate  ~~  Theatre 9/12/Paul O'Connell

The Diary of Anne Frank  ~~  Mrs. Frank  ~~  Theatre Factory/Sue Kurey

Guys & Dolls  ~~  Adelaide  ~~  Paradise Theatre/Jeff Richards

The Last 5 Years  ~~  Cathy  ~~  US Presents/Erik Hill

The Grapes of Wrath  ~~  Ma Joad  ~~  Lakewood Playhouse/Marcus Walker

Eleemosynary  ~~  Artie  ~~  Tacoma Little Theatre/Elliot Weiner

Titus Andronicus  ~~  Tamora  ~~  Theater Artists Olympia/Pug Bujeaud

A Taste of Honey  ~~  Helen  ~~  Eclectic Theater/L. Nicol Cabe

Don Giovanni  ~~  Mama Masetto  ~~  Seattle Musical Theatre/Sara Porkalob

Point Park University: Acting BFA

Shakespeare: Penelope Lindblom

Voice: Alto – Erin Guinup

Scene Study: Charles Waxberg


Stage Combat 

Roller Skating


Some German 

Manual Transmission 

Radio Work (On-Air and Production) 

Have played 13 Nuns 

Great “B” Movie Scream 

Dialect Work - Standard American, High British, Manchester England, NYC, Brooklyn, Southern (Georgia), Southern (Texas), Hungarian, German 



The Pittsburgh SOAPranos (web series) ~~ Sami ~~ Jesse Hutchins/Pip & Lola's
Khaf ~~Vera ~~ Spinning Web ~~ dir. by Jess Kaeden

Little Mouse ~~ Sheriff Mayhone ~~ MZDH Film ~~ dir. by Delaney Hathaway

Green Hat Diner ~~ Deborah ~~ Slowdrift Productions ~~ dir. by Z. Xandra & O. Busby

Spiritus Sancti ~~ Betty ~~ Douglas Ed. Center/Jessica Kessler

The Clearing ~~ Theresa Brand ~~ Cunning Folk Films/Stephanie Trainer

The Scenic Route ~~ Detective~~ TipTop Pictures/ Joshua Tippey

Ricochet ~~ Marissa ~~ Admit One Productions/Abhinav Sinha

Times Up ~~ The Woman ~~ Torija TV ~~ Emiliano Torija

Ditched ~~ Ms. Wilson ~~ Sloan Turner ~~ dir. by Sloan Turner

The Djini Job ~~ Djini ~~ William G. Stafford/WGSFilms (with CCAC)

Without You ~~ Mother ~~Miriam Gratzel/CCAC

The Haunting ~~ Pam ~~ Admit One Productions/Abhinav Sinha

How to Tie a Tie ~~ Mom ~~ Mason McClain/PPU

Sibkillings ~~Night Victim ~~ Jesse Hutchins/Hutchins Films

Mohawk ~~ Whitney ~~ Jesse Hutchins/Hutchins Films

Tattooed Lye ~~ Harper ~~ Jesse Hutchins/Hutchins Films

Choices ~~ Linda ~~ Justin Collins/Pgh. Filmmakers

AuRevoir  ~~  Woman ~~  Laurie Gabriel

Poppies ~~ School Nurse ~~  David Bertelsen Prod.

Windigo  ~~  Mom  ~~  SnoFalls Prod./Justin McConnell

History of a Book Club ~~ Political  ~~  Patrick Baroch

Stage 4  ~~  Sarah  ~~ Beard Machine/Chris Friedrick

Just Buried  ~~  Mother  ~~  Seattle Film Inst./Vincent LeQuang

Delayed Reaction Syndrome  ~~  CoWorker  ~~  Seattle Film/Z. Kyanston

No Grace for the Serpent  ~~  Charlie  ~~  Zallerquad Prod./Sean Hastings

Reign of the Dead  ~~  60s Chick  ~~  Guerilla Productions/Steve Parys



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